Simon Hegele at LC Frankfurt/Raunheim receives the "Best Supplier Award" from Bruker BioSpin

published on 10/13/2023

Good partnerships are the basis of a functioning and stable supply chain and thus make a fundamental contribution to value creation. We are just as aware of this as our customer Bruker BioSpin. We were selected for our outstanding partnership and top performance and awarded the title of "Best Supplier 2022" at the Logistics Center in Frankfurt/Raunheim. 

Sustained very high performance, an outstanding team and an exceptional solution orientation: this performance has convinced our partner Bruker BioSpin, a leading global manufacturer of analytical instruments. Bruker honors its top suppliers annually with the Best Supplier Award. For the year 2022, Simon Hegele's team at the Frankfurt logistics center will now receive the major award for top performance.

"We are very honored to receive this award and it shows that our team performs at a very high level in order to support our customers in their innovations in the best possible way," says a delighted Karim-Oliver Darvich, Managing Director - COO of Simon Hegele. Dirk Scholl, Site Manager at the Frankfurt Logistics Center adds, "We accept this award with gratitude, knowing that it is a special honor for our highly motivated team here at the site."

High-class service and performance
Simon Hegele has already been providing comprehensive services from the areas of service and spare parts logistics for Bruker BioSpin at LC Frankfurt since 2019. And he has done so with continued success and steady performance, as demonstrated by the Supplier Award. 

The top KPIs at a glance:

  • Supply Performance: 100 percent
  • Operational Collaboration: 85 percent
  • Adherence to Technology and Quality Requirements: 100 percent
  • Environment: 83 percent
  • very good performance in the area of Same Day Shipment
  • very well qualified personnel

And the results from 2022 are groundbreaking: because in 2023, the team at LC Frankfurt is also operating at the very high level of the previous year. 
In addition, Simon Hegele is also associated with Bruker at the Karlsruhe logistics center. The location has functioned as a delivery warehouse since 2020 and became the central warehouse and hot spot for the customer's production logistics and delivery logistics in 2021.

More than KPI: Ethical standards and good cooperation
In addition to the services provided at the Frankfurt logistics center, other reasons also count for the customer when selecting the "Best Supplier". Bruker, for example, sets high standards in terms of respect and trust, ethical behavior, equal opportunities and compliance. Here, too, Simon Hegele was able to convince. "We look back on an always transparent and open cooperation with Simon Hegele. The team is highly appreciated by everyone at Bruker and enjoys a good reputation," emphasizes Bernd Gleixner, Executive Vice President Operations, BioSpin Group.

Karim-Oliver Darvich is certain: "The award is not only an honor for us. It is also an enormous incentive to maintain this level of performance and to further optimize the joint processes with the customer. We would like to thank Bruker BioSpin - for the great partnership as well as for the award."

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