Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions Announces Partnership and Launch of IntercabinCOPPER in Central America


published on 10/05/2022

Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions Announces Partnership and Launch of IntercabinCOPPER in Central America

  • Introducing high-quality, cost-effective MRI shielding solutions for original equipment manufacturers

Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions, a highly specialized service partner for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of large-scale medical equipment, expands into MRI shielding solutions by partnering with Interflex Medizintechnik GmbH, a member of the Simon Hegele group. Building on their successful European track record and partnership, Simon Hegele and Interflex have launched the IntercabinCOPPER product line in Central America.

Together, Simon Hegele and Interflex will provide MRI OEMs with a single solution for design, delivery, and installation of fully finished MRI scan rooms. The partnership is a complement to MRI transportation, delivery, and installation services that Simon Hegele provides today. Consolidating these services benefits the medical imaging centers through a reduced timeframe and cost for room construction and system installation. 

IntercabinCOPPER will continue to provide the same high-quality door and window options Interflex is known for and will offer options for fully finished rooms with both galvanized and copper rooms.

“Our partnership with Interflex is a great opportunity to expand our capabilities in the medical technology market and brings more cost-effective solutions to our OEM customers,” says Jim Nestel, CEO of the Americas and the Asia Pacific for Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions. “We are proud to launch in Mexico and look forward to a global expansion of the product line.”

Roberto Fiore, Interflex founder, adds “This launch signifies an exciting milestone not only in our partnership with Simon Hegele but the medical imaging community.”

“IntercabinCOPPER expands our comprehensive service portfolio which includes warehousing, cryo farming, rigging, transportation, and installation,” says Gustavo Galetto, Simon Hegele Healthcare Solution National Manager Mexico. “IntercabinCOPPER is a cost-effective solution, and its flexibility to jobsite conditions is a unique feature that appeals to our customers. We are very pleased with the partnership and look forward to expanding the product line throughout the Americas.”

For more information about Simon Hegele Healthcare Solutions, visit the company’s website:

Here you find the Interflex Catalog!

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Launch of IntercabinCOPPER

Launch of IntercabinCOPPER


Launch of IntercabinCOPPER

Launch of IntercabinCOPPER

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Launch of IntercabinCOPPER


Launch of IntercabinCOPPER


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