Assembling Services

Assembling Services made by IT Chain - far more than just production logistics

With us, what belongs together comes together

Whether large-volume IT-rollout projects, control stations, IMAC processes or counter rollouts in retail - our different, mutually independent production lines ensure great flexibility and scalability. Customized production lines enable smooth final assembly and distribution.

Carried out by our highly qualified team of long-term employees in our central warehouse and assembling center on 2,500 square meters or at your site. Always the way you need it!

We offer customizing and assembling services in the following areas, for example

Our assembling services - your advantages

With us, what belongs together comes together

  • Maximum scalability with highest effectiveness
  • Among others, simplify your business processes by leveraging synergies for software installation, hardware and on-site implementation
  • Vendor-independent solutions offer flexibility and ratio potentials

From the procurement of the material to the handover to your end customers, we thus offer all modules of the supply chain.

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