Assembling Services

With 5000 square meters spread across three locations and independent production lines at their disposal, our highly qualified workforce provide our customers with a service that is both individual and completely reliable. By connecting data systems to our customers' networks, we are able to personalise and customise client systems from directly within our Assembling Centre.

We are offering customizing and assembling in the following areas:

By seamlessly combining IT and logistics services, we are able to implement countless different industry-specific and project-specific requirements with outstanding success, providing vender-neutral service solutions for both homogeneous and heterogeneous system landscapes.

Our Assembling Centre here at IT Chain provides you with the opportunity to hone your IT systems from both a software and hardware perspective. Installing or modifying hardware components (such as memory modules, processors or hard disk drives) is also an integral part of our service portfolio, as is customizing systems by using data connections that link to customer networks. We assemble components from a variety of different manufacturers to create and deliver a finished system bang on schedule, ready for use - all the way to the desk of the person who needs it, if requested.

We will be on hand to support your products throughout their entire lifecycle - from rollout right through until disposal. If requested, we will also support your company during live operation by updating software, taking care of any accessories and additional equipment needed and replacing or repairing old components.