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BPO in the business environment - we think retail!

Business Process Outsourcing means the outsourcing of entire business processes to a service provider. By taking over processes for you, from planning to retraction, we enable you to focus on what will move your business forward. In particular, the production or marketing of your products.

This way, we help you to reduce the increasing business complexity, to make your supply chain not only secure, but also efficient and to increase the profitability of your business.

Conclusion: With our BPO services, we create freedom for your economic success!

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Our lifecycle management for retail – from an empty space to the finished and equipped store: all from a single service provider?

It is possible! With the Lifecycle Management for the retail industry provided by Simon Hegele. The modular system combines all relevant services that simplify the management of your store infrastructure. Joint and individual development of your solution concept included.


Whether it's day-to-day business or roll-outs, whether it's expanding your product range or opening a new store, we support you in the dynamic retail environment with our market-specific expertise that has grown over decades. Also, with our BPO service of counter assembling.

Because we approach counter-assambling holistically. How we do that? We’ll show it to you, here in the video

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BPO counter assembling - solution developed by the industry for the industry

Rethinking counter assembly - the former standard approach of delivering empty counters separately from the goods to drugstore or grocery stores, with its enormous planning effort and workload at the POS, no longer stands up to the dynamics of the retail environment.

In order to be able to act holistically, particularly in the case of time-critical store openings or large-scale rollouts, we launched the counter assembly BPO service together with our retail customers two decades ago and have since further developed it with our industrial customers, counter manufacturers and retailers.

The result: a solution developed by the industry for the industry, that not only withstands the dynamics of the retail environment, but drives it along.

Our countertop assembling services include:

  • Consulting and planning
  • Advance collection of the counters and the goods
  • Counter assembly
  • Special packaging
  • Transport and implementation
  • Retrieval and refurbishment

Our BPO solution - your advantages

With counter assembling made by Simon Hegele we put you in the position,

  • to focus on your core business,
  • to reduce your business process costs,
  • to simultaneously increase your process quality,
  • to improve cost transparency and
  • to adapt more quickly to technological change.

Did you know?

Our holistic and sustainable counter assembling solution as part of our lifecycle management for retail was awarded the Logivisor Award for Innovative Services in the Retail category.

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