Digitization services

Digitization services made by IT Chain: Analog is outdated!

Your future is being digitized - by our experts at IT Chain. Because digitization is and remains to be the driving force behind our services. With our vision of digitized processes, we have developed an extensive portfolio of digitization services over the years, for your supply chain.

How to turn your premises into a 3D room measurement or your documents into an electronic archive? Done by IT Chain, of course!

Our solutions for document management

Are you "sitting" on huge piles of documents that need to be stored for a long time, i.e. for audits? Then use our solutions for professional and cross-industry archiving - from electronic storage - and access systems to pure paper archives for very long retention cycles.

Do you need to archive your documents digitally? Then we can take care of the digitization of your documents, the subsequent archiving or even the automated processing of incoming invoices.

Do you prefer to keep your documents on paper? Then we can also take care of the physical storage, if you wish so.

Our document management services

We take care of the preparation, sorting, scanning, verification, archiving or disposal of the originals, as well as the subsequent digital provision for the following document types:

  • bank records
  • inventory documents
  • personnel files
  • customer files
  • expenses
  • credit files
  • invoices

Advantages of document management by IT Chain

Our document management offers our customers clear advantages. Because it is ...

  • industry-independent: Our document management services are suitable for all companies.
  • Audit-proof: We enable archiving in accordance with the "Principles on Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents" (GDPdU).
  • Centrally controlled: Our digitization experts take over the complete service for you.

We will be happy to advise you on your individual archiving solution.

Our services for object digitization

Whether you have an extensive collection of exhibits from botany, archeology or zoology and want to make them accessible worldwide or want to bring a prototype to product maturity: "From flea to elephant" or "from prototype to series production" - we digitize everything! Using the latest digital photo technology and 3D laser scanning technology, we enable customer-specific digitization concepts.

The object digitization workflow

Reverse engineering without object digitization of IT chain

  • Prototypes are indispensable in development and must be viewed, processed and further developed by many departments simultaneously until the product is ready, which often is done "manually" - and thus involves lengthy processes.
  • Whether tools, molds, accessories, packaging or workstation environment - it is only when the product is ready that the data is (also manually) fed into the systems for CAD programs. Another time-consuming step with high error potential.

Object digitization from IT Chain makes the difference

  • All data, such as dimensions, weight and other specifications is captured via 3D photography. There’s no such thing as incorrect data entry anymore!
  • From the resulting "point cloud", the prototype is visualized and provided out in an appropriate data format.
  • The digital prototype can be further processed in any previously defined customer system.
  • In the customer's CAD system, an object is created at the push of a button – simple, fast and immediately usable.

Advantages of object digitization from IT Chain

Our services in object digitization offer added value. Because they are ...

  • safe: our services meet the highest quality requirements such as temperature, humidity, oxygen, UV radiation or ESD protection.
  • taylormade: Our service includes individual data transfer (SFTP Server) and provision in individual output formats.
  • inhouse: Our reproduction and digitization specialists take care of your services directly at our locations in Karlsruhe and Berlin.
  • onsite: Our mobile digitization stations can be used throughout Germany.

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