Technician and Supportcentre Services

We repair anything that runs on electricity. That is our motto. And because we have almost 100 technicians on board, all possessing a great variety of skills and expertise, one of our technicians is never far away. Our approach is based on excellent training, vast experience and sound demeanour when interacting with customers. In urbanised and rural areas alike – we will be on-site in next to no time.

Our well-stocked spare parts depots mean than we can send spare parts to the right locations by courier incredibly quickly. Our highly experienced staff use computer technology to make sure that minimum quantities are always spot on, taking aspects such as failure rates, repair times, transportation routes and new procurement into account.

At our Repair Centre, we repair over 90% of defective devices within two working days of the fault occurring. All repairs are stored in a database, allowing us to easily identify any spare parts that crop up again and again and to exclude potentially recognisable sources of defects in advance.

Our fields of activity include the following:

  • C/S systems and network components
  • POS systems
  • Self-service devices and terminals
  • Payment systems
  • Cabling infrastructure
  • Video surveillance

Including our Support Centre - from reporting a disturbance by telephone, fax, e-mail or problem ticket, through to correcting the problem itself, be it remotely by telephone, by replacing a device, or by sending in one of our technicians.

Our technical help desk (1st and 2nd level support) will strive to get right to the heart of the problem, analysing and classifying the disturbance in each case, such as identifying whether a hardware/software problem has caused the malfunction or if it is due to user error. This allows us to fix any disruptions both quickly and directly - and thanks to our new reporting system linked to a database, we will be able to solve similar problems even more quickly should they arise again, or avoid them altogether.