Technician Services

Our technician services - when things have to happen quickly

Everything is repaired, through which electricity flows

Thanks to our network of technicians with a wide range of skills, the following services are among our greatest strengths:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Rollouts
  • IMAC process (Install, Move, Add, Change)

Whether in metropolitan areas or rural areas – we’ll be there in the shortest possible time

Our central order acceptance controls the fast shipment of spare parts via courier from our spare parts warehouse.
Our technician deployment control ensures that the right technician is always in the right place at the right time. Our IT software monitors minimum quantities, taking into account

  • failure rates
  • repair times
  • shipping routes
  • new procurement

Our Repair Center

Fast help when needed. Within two working days, we repair 90 percent of defective devices after damage occurs. Our databases record all repairs. The advantage: constantly recurring spare parts can be easily separated and recognizable sources of malfunction can be eliminated.

Our technician services at a glance

Our technician services - your benefits

  • Troubleshooting, rollout and IMAC throughout Europe
  • Centralized order acceptance and technical support
  • restoration in case of malfunctions
    • within a maximum of four hours throughout Germany
    • SBD (Same Business Day) in Europe
  • Five-day SLA (Service Level Agreement) for IMAC orders within Europe, including customizing at our central repair center in Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Enormous know-how through specially trained and certified rollout teams
  • Consolidation and bundling of different trades from IT specialists to electricians and carpenters

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